World Leading ‘Net Zero’ Steelmaking Coal

  • One of the largest steelmaking coal resources in Europe with proven resources of more than 216 million tonnes.
  • 100% of production is high-quality metallurgical coal, equivalent to USA High Volatile ‘A’ – a highly desirable
    product to steelmakers.
  • Significant logistical benefits – rail connection to UK steelmakers, 18 hours to key European ports including Rotterdam.
  • Application of modern, proven mining method and equipment (runout and pocket partial extraction).
  • Final planning approval granted by the UK Government (7 December 2022)
  • DFS and detailed engineering completed – construction to commence before the end of 2023 with first production in the first half of 2025
  • Historical mining at adjacent Haig Colliery (1917 to 1986) confirms practical conditions and extensive seams
  • World leading ‘net-zero’ coal product with the lowest Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions of any steelmaking coal mine globally
  • Comprehensive methane capture and abatement programme (>95% elimination)
  • Tree planting, renewable electricity and offset of minor residual emissions via purchase of recognised offsets
  • >95% local community support for project – in full production the project is expected to generate 532 direct jobs, >1,500 indirect jobs
  • Strong demand and supply dynamics with ever increasing constraints on other new coal projects
  • Low project delivery risk due to existing surface and rail infrastructure and access to deep berth port
  • Significant annual expenditure into the local area and national supply chain, with more than £100m spend per annum
  • Twin declines for cost effective and time efficient access to coal seams (450m depth, ~2.5m thick)
  • Experienced project team with combined +100 years of relevant mining development and operational experience
  • Key suppliers identified, with a focus on local and UK companies wherever possible
  • Very high level of interest from job-seekers, with many applications from mining and tunnelling experienced personnel based in the UK
  • Supported by a board and investors with huge resource industry experience and capability