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Coal for Steel

Coal for Steel

Providing a responsibly mined, high quality, critical raw material to the UK and European steel industry

WCM Sustainability Fund

WCM Sustainability Fund

Our commitment to carbon offsetting is a core part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy forming a key element of our Sustainability Fund.

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Judicial Review Claim Update

West Cumbria Mining (WCM) can confirm that the judicial review challenge lodged against Cumbria County Council with West Cumbria Mining named as an interested party, has been withdrawn by the claimant.

Call-in Request Rejected by Government

West Cumbria Mining is delighted that the Government has agreed with Cumbria County Council’s unanimous decision to approve the planning application for the project and has rejected the request for the project to be ‘called in’.

Large Diameter Drilling WCM

Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) gets underway

Following on from the very successful offshore exploration drilling campaign of 2017, West Cumbria Mining (WCM) is now embarking on a new phase of work, this time onshore, where it is aiming to recover a significantly larger quantity of coal from underground.