WCM News Update – December 2023

Since the award of planning permission in late 2022 WCM has been working through 2023 preparing for construction commencement during 2024. A wide range of activities have been progressed, and although these may not be visible on site at this time, are critical in ensuring the project is ready and set up to make the next key step to commence site enabling works and for the main decline tunnel drives to proceed. 

WCM and its investors remain highly confident in the viability of the project, which is stronger than ever. For example, recent independent expert analysis of the global metallurgical coal market has identified that this critical raw material will be required to support steelmaking throughout the transition to Net Zero over the next few decades. 

There has been much commentary in 2023 regarding the project, unfortunately almost all of this has been misleading and untrue. WCM remains wholly focussed on delivering this significant world class scheme in full and shall continue to work to support local people and businesses across the West Cumbrian economy, with an investment of more than £200m, all privately funded, during construction. 

Further updates will be issued during 2024. 

WCM wishes everyone in West Cumbria a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year